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What is actionable reading?

Hi, I’m Sam a fitness enthusiast, keen photographer and of course an avid reader. I started taking reading seriously again in 2022 with non-fiction books predominantly based around finance, productivity and health & fitness. The goal of course was to learn more and apply it to my life. I soon found myself becoming a  knowledge hoarder and severely lacking in putting what I learnt into action. This blog is for precisely that taking what I learn from reading and making their teachings applicable to everyday life. This outlet will hopefully be helpful to you by posting beneficial content but also to myself by providing some much needed accountability!

Website Goals

  • To produce book summaries that provide the most value to you, the reader, allowing application to your own life. 
  • To provide real life accounts of this knowledge in practice.
  • To establish a simple methodology to making whatever you’re reading actionable.


Definition: “Acted on; having practical value.”

Get to know me!

  • I studied Biomedical Science at Nottingham Trent University graduating in 2023 which included a year working in the National Health Service.
  • During University I took up scuba diving which I am now a BSAC sports diver.
  • Since 2009 I’ve played the Saxophone and still enjoy playing it in my spare time.
  • Fitness is a passion of mine and I am currently training to run my first marathon.
  • I’m a keen photographer mainly focusing on wildlife photography. Check out my photos here! 
Books Read Target 2023
Books Read - 6/20

Currently Reading

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