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Three Sentence Summary

Refreshing business advice wrapped and succinctly delivered in a story. Adapted from the authors experiences, this book shows the power of giving and providing value to people. By taking this advice and applying it as a lifestyle you too can receive the rewards from giving!

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My Top 3 Take Aways

  1. Focus on adding value thus making your service memorable.
  2. Put others needs above your own. don’t focus on win-wins focus on their win.
  3. By following the above you will create an army of personal ambassadors so be receptive to the gifts that this will bear!

Who Do I Recommend This Book For?

Everyone! This is a book truly for everyone of all ages, backgrounds and financial situation. It being simple, short and straight to the point makes it extremely accessible and it makes for a fun and informative read!

Full Summary

A Short Review for a Short Story

If you’ve ever read a handful of non-fiction books on a topic you’ll know that before long they start to blur together. Great books, the ones that standout, however, will get reread time and time again. It could have exactly the same information as its predecessors but for some reason it resonates with you. ‘The Go-Giver’ was one of those books, so what set it apart?


What ‘The Go-Giver’ does wonderfully is put its teachings into a story making it a cross over of fiction and non-fiction like the parables of old. A good story will last the test of time. It is also providing a fresh take on the well worn topic of being successful. Previous information I have read haven’t quite felt right morally with me. Their teachings on how to be wealthy seem to come at the expense of others. ‘The Go-Giver’ switches this on its head. Finally, its short. There’s no endless repetition and no hiding its message behind complicated language. Its concise, simple and straight to the point whilst also being fun to read!


The story begins with a struggling corporate employee (Joe) looking to get the backing of a big shot consultant. He thinks this will gain him the leverage he needs to land some major new clients. Their first meeting however sends Joe onto a new path. One where he meets the consultants network and learns the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success. Catchy right but what are these rules?

The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success
1. The Law of Value
1. The Law of Value
  • Focus on providing value not the monetary gain.
  • Turn your business, work or service into an experience. Make the time with your clients unforgettable (in a good way!).
  • From this you are more likely to get referrals and so increase the chances of success.
  • By providing value for money you increase the worth of your business.
  • In simple terms have a greater passion for what you are providing than what you are getting and you’ll be at the start of the road to success.
2. The Law of Compensation
2. The Law of Compensation
  • If you provide value you will be compensated fairly for that value.
  • By providing the value you’ll also gain referrals. This will increase the number of clients you serve.
  • If you can provide a quality service to more people you will be compensated with exponential growth.
3. The Law of Influence
3. The Law of Influence
  • Increase your influence by putting other peoples needs first. This will make you memorable and create an army of walking ambassadors.
  • Don’t take a win-win mentality to life, focus on the other person’s win and you’ll get what you need back without fail.
  • This reputation for going above and beyond will help you no end.
4. The Law of Authenticity
4. The Law of Authenticity
  • No-one can be you, quite like you so, the most valuable thing you can offer is yourself.
  • Give yourself to people, the real you. Show that you’re truly passionate about what you’re providing and people will value that.
5. The Law of Receptivity
5. The Law of Receptivity
  • Lastly with all that giving and looking out for others you need to still be receptive.
  • Be open to receiving because if you are receiving something it means someone is giving. To reject that is to stop them following the above rules.
  • Everything is related and so you can only become successful if you are willing to accept the rewards for the value you offer.

Making it Actionable!

Although pinned as a business book these rules are meant to be applied as a whole lifestyle. Be more thoughtful to others in everyday life, put others above yourself and in return they will appreciate you more and often you’ll be happier. Treat others as you wish to be treated. If everyone acted this way don’t you think the world would be a better place? It might be too naïve or simplistic to think success comes from being nice but all truly successful business and people have some if not all of these hallmarks. For me I’m planning on applying this as a way of life. After all if I’m not acting how I’d like to be treated, how on earth do I expect to be happy never mind successful? 

If you’ve read this book already I’d love to know your thoughts and how you’ve implemented its strategies. Let me know down below!

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